Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Airport is Wales’s only international airport serving the greater area of predominantly South and mid-Wales with about one and a half million passengers taking advantage of the cheap flights that depart and arrive at the airport every year.  The actual airport sits in the village of Rhoose to the west of the city centre, which makes arriving to the airport and departing from it a bit less hectic when compared to most other of the UK’s international airports.

It is for this reason that many people choose to fly through the Cardiff Airport because it is simply an easier international airport to fly through, with regular flights that are scheduled year round. This is one more reason why many of the companies that service the airport are able to offer such cheap flights to their customers.  There are also a great number of charters and low-fare air service companies that route and service at the airport, allowing for a large turnover at the airport on a regular basis.

Most of the actual international flights end up taking passengers to Ireland, Spain, or the Netherlands.  In addition, there are charters that run regularly to the Caribbean. One of the reasons that there are so many cheap flights that come through Cardiff Airport as well as the high level of travellers is the fact that the airport serves as a base for Thomas Cook Airlines, Thomson Airways, Manx2, and Flybe.

The latter is known as the largest carrier to transport passengers through the airport with both local flights, international flights, and domestic flights from all over the UK arriving in Cardiff .  Flybe is also planning to expand its offering by adding flight destinations Lyon, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf before the year is over.

The biggest news for Cardiff airport this year was the news that BmiBaby will no longer offer cheap flights through the airport as they will focus on new operations in Belfast. In their place a new airline carrier is getting ready to use Cardiff airport as its base for service titled Flyforbeans that will offer flights to Italy, Eastern Europe, Spain, France, and Germany, which should open up many more flight options for travellers.