Welsh Language Predictive Text Messaging on Samsung S5600

With the recent announcement that Samsung and Orange have joined forces to launch the UK’s first Welsh language predictive text messaging phone on 1st September, Rightmobilephone.co.uk has found the top 10 most popular English UK text message slang-abbreviations and had them translated into Welsh and created this handy pocket guide.

As Samsung and Orange get ready to launch the first Welsh language predictive text mobile phone at the end of the month, the UK’s biggest mobile phone comparison site has researched the top 10 most common slang abbreviations currently in use, and translated them into Welsh in order to help kids and text-savvy adults across Wales get down with the lingo.

www.Rightmobilephone.co.uk spoke to 1878 mobile-phone owners to find the Top Ten most popular abbreviations currently used and here is the list along with the Welsh translations.

1 LoL (Laugh out Loud) = CYU – Chwerthin yn uchel
2 BrB (Be right Back) = YOYYM – Yn ôl yn y man
3 M8 (Mate) = ‘mêt’
4 WTF (what the f**K) = BD (Be ddiawl?)
5 OMG (Oh My God) = OFN (O fy nuw)
6 LMAO (Laugh My Ass Off) = CFHYN (Chwerthin fy hun yn wirion)
7 TVM (Thanks Very Much) = DYFI (Diolch yn fawr iawn)
8 TMI (Too Much Information) = GOW (Gormod o wybodaeth)
9 BFF (Best Friends for Ever) = FGAB (Ffrindiau gorau am byth)
10 BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer) = TACDH (Tyrd â chwrw dy hun)

Since the announcement of the phone’s launch, Rightmobilephone.co.uk has been inundated with requests for further information and where to get the best deals on it. The phone itself will store around 44,000 Welsh words in predictive text.