Welsh Wine

There are 17 properly commercial vineyards in Wales that meet the regulations of the Wine Standards Board, which allows for plenty of fine wines from Wales for those that want a taste of true European fine wine.  Due to the recent popularity in Welsh rose wine, fine wine from Wales is in high demand throughout the UK.

Rose is not the only wine that is manufactured in Wales however, as red, white, champagne and sparkling are all popular Welsh wines that many people are discovering are crisp and refreshing as both meal and dessert wines.

While fine wines from Wales may seem like a strange rumour given the terrain and climate of the country, its reputation as a top wine location is quickly growing including consumption by world leaders at the Gleneagles political summit.

In fact, Welsh wine has even been featured at leading events globally, so becoming the trendy wine choice for any social occasion.  This is only fitting given that the first wines in Britain may have been grown in the South East Wales area and carried over by the Romans who recognized the stunning grapes for their potential.

Today Wales is covered by about 30 hectares of vineyards that are spread out throughout the region.  Fine wines from Wales are grown in a variety of locations including Glamorgan, Monmouthshire, Cardiff, Carmarthenshire, Anglesey, Montgomery, Gwynedd, Ceredigion, Gloucestershire, and Wrexham.

As the wine industry in Wales continues to grow it can only be expected that these vineyards will continue to expand and produce many more fine wines from Wales utilizing modern tools to spread the tastes of the wine internationally.

In order to celebrate how many great fine wines from Wales there are, the region has established Welsh Wine Week which takes place during the first week of June every year.  During this time period the vineyards allow visitors to come to the institutions and see both how wine is made and grown. There are also a variety of tastings and special events that take place during this time period making this time period a great choice for a holiday if you want to find out more about fine wines from Wales.